Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Our Ravenna Elevation-Almost

This is the Ravenna Elevation C -partial stone.  This is not our exact house but close. 
We have selected the Elevation B partial stone.  I could not, for the life of me, find a picture of Elevation B so this will have to do. Elevation B gives you a little roof over the front door with pillars.  I would have loved the porch but I already have to sell a kidney to afford this house.  So no porch for me LOL.  Also, we will have a front entry garage.  
I love the look of this house!  I also love the stone.  They just started offering stone in the Pittsburgh area and I am very excited.  We will be one of the first houses in our neighborhood with a stone front. 

Our colors are:
stone:Bucks County
siding: Stone Mountain Clay
Shutters: Brown
Door: Brown (there is a fancy name for it but I don't remember it. ) 
For some reason, I have no pictures of the stone or siding choices??? hmmm not sure why .  I could have sworn I took them. 

Funny story about the stone and siding choices-  We originally had picked stone color=Aspen and siding color Autumn beige.  I was a little concerned about them because there was a slight orangey hue to both.  My husband and I are sensitive to beige color choices because we always seem to pick out a "beige" in paint or whatever it may be...and then we get it on the wall and it is PINK.  We painted our entire basement family room in a  beige color-and it was baby aspirin pink.  We had to re-do the entire room.  
So after picking these colors, I saw someone's Ryan blog & they had been substituted Autum Beige siding (their original color was discontinued) and the siding looked PINK!!  Thank God I saw that blog post and we were still in our 2 week change period. If I had ended up with a PINK house I would have been devastated.   Why we always initially lean towards those pinky beiges is beyond me.  Thank you to the blogger who posted their PINK siding.  You saved me from a possible disaster!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Taking the plunge...

We are doing it.  We are selling our house and building a Ryan home. Wow, that sounds crazy to me.  We never planned on selling our home and building.  I thought we would be in our home forever, or until we followed our son when he moved away for college  LOL. 

A little background.  We are: Me (mom,wife,part time photographer-part time healthcare worker), my dear husband,  our 6 almost 7 year old son and my mom.  Yes, my 70ish year old mom is moving with us.  We are very excited to have her with us. She, on the other hand, is not as thrilled as we are.  But more on that later.  We have 2 dogs and will have two cats (once my mom's cat is added in to the mix). We live south west of Pittsburgh, PA.   Our new home will only be a few miles away from our current.  I am beyond excited about our new home and I can't wait to get started.

We are building the Ravenna with the optional first floor bedroom for my mom. I have been scouring the Ryan blog world for a few weeks now and I have learned so much.  I'm totally obsessed with the entire process and driving all my friends and family crazy! I hope to share much along the way during this process.