Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Pool Controversy

We drive past our lot every day.  They are still moving dirt around and there is always heavy equipment sitting there.  But they don't even have the lot plotted out yet.  But yet we go there everyday to see if something has changed. No such luck yet.  Our pre-construciton meeting is scheduled to happen on May2nd (tentative date) and they are scheduled to start construction on May9th.  That puts us at an early August closing!  WoooHooo!  I can't wait for some progress!

So today while we were on our daily visit to our pile of dirt, we met some neighbors who already live in the neighborhood.  They were trying to figure out where "the pool" is supposed to be built. We showed them where we were told it would be built.  In my opinion, the area hardly looks big enough for a pool and clubhouse and parking.  I am very skeptical that this pool will be built.  I have heard many stories about developments that were promised a pool that never came to fruition.  Our SR tells us that Ryan has nothing to do with the pool because the developer builds it.  We were originally told the pool was scheduled to be built this summer and will be ready by July 4th.  There is nothing even started yet.  The neighbors that we met said they have heard it is pushed back to September. ??? Who knows.  I just assuming we will have no pool and will be pleasantly surprised if we actually get one.

Has anyone built in a plan that promised a pool?  Did they actually build it?

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Our future neighbors

We are building in a plan that is about 5 minutes from our current home.  We will stay in same school district but my son will be switching elementary schools. Luckily,  our great friends are building in the same plan.  In fact , my friend Kelley has started her own blog.  You can find her here Building a Naples in PA
Our sons are three days apart in age and are the best of friends.  They can't wait to live on the same street, 5 houses apart.  My son is a little nervous about the new school, but his buddy Connor will be with him so that helps a bit.

Here we are at Disney last summer.  My son and I are on the left, Kelley is on the right with her son.

Also, when we were at the Ryan model filling out some paperwork, my husband ran into one of his friends.  We found out he is building in the same plan.  In fact, he bumped us from our first lot because we were on contingency. LOL!  He will be two doors down from Kelley's  family.  We are looking forward to our new neighborhood and lots of get togethers with our friends.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Upgrades and Selections....

I was taken aback by the amount of upgrades you have to choose and pay for to make the home to be what I consider livable.  I think it is ridiculous that you have to pay for an overhead light rough-in.  I just assumed that things like that were included.  Obviously I was wrong.  The house we live in now is very dark.  We have very little overhead lighting and I HATE IT.  So, that was one of the things I toiled the most over...the lighting.  We bought lots of it!  So here goes-our selections and upgrades.

Ravenna-Elevation B-partial stone
stone bucks county- siding Stone Mountain Grey (I don't have pictures).
3 pc bath rough in in unfinished basement
1st floor bedroom and full first floor bath (for my mom).
Finished Bonus Room (upstairs above the garage)
Morning Room
Basic black appliances (We plan on buying our own stainless appliances-and selling these basic ones)
Wyoming Cherry spice cabinets
No island-(We are putting in our own island-my husband will install it. I want it to look more like furniture and I want the microwave built into the island.  My cabinets for island will be similar to the Rushmore Maple Cream colored Ryan offering).
Hardwood floors in kitchen, Family Room, Morning Room, Foyer. Yorkshire Oak Umber" 31/4 inch wide plank.
Reccessed lighting package in kitchen.
Ceiling fan rough in in Morning room
laminate counter tops ( can't remember the color name I think it is called Butterum??-its the darker color on the image below.  We will buy our own granite and have it installed). 

Family Room
Same Hardwood as above
Brick Fireplace-side (brick= "croggy mountain)

4 Recessed lights 
2 recessed lights above fireplace
Ceiling fan rough in
2 optional side windows
Living room and dining room and first floor bedroom will have carpet. All the carpet in the house house is 6 pound padding and level 4 carpet"Siesta Twist Cookie Crisp"

Half wall-(no banister)
Bonus Room -5 recessed lights and ceiling fan rough in
Master bedroom (optional side windows came standard with the 1st floor bedroom YAY!)
4 recessed light and ceiling fan rough in
Upgraded master bath with soaking tub (no jets)
Master Bath tile "Brixton Mushroom"
glass tile trim (not sure of the color name-see image)

Bathroom cabinets (all bathrooms)- Andover maple Spice
Standard white counter tops
Tile in all  bathrooms- the same as master bath-brixton mushroom
Linoleum in laundry room-laundry tub in laundry room
ceiling fan rough ins in all bedrooms
overhead light with switch in son's bedroom and 1st floor bedroom closets

carpet pic 

Guardian-we got the networking upgrade to all the cable /internet stuff-It was around $1100 .  (nothing else-no alarm.  We will install our own. )

We are still waiting on some pricing on other upgrades
*soundproofing between master and Bonus room
*soundproofing between mster and 1st floor bed/bath
*laundry tub in garage
*extra pad in driveway for third car
*sink drain rough in in unfinished basement fir future wet bar.

I'm glad all of our selections are made.  We are now in the "wait" part of hurry up and wait.