Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Our future neighbors

We are building in a plan that is about 5 minutes from our current home.  We will stay in same school district but my son will be switching elementary schools. Luckily,  our great friends are building in the same plan.  In fact , my friend Kelley has started her own blog.  You can find her here Building a Naples in PA
Our sons are three days apart in age and are the best of friends.  They can't wait to live on the same street, 5 houses apart.  My son is a little nervous about the new school, but his buddy Connor will be with him so that helps a bit.

Here we are at Disney last summer.  My son and I are on the left, Kelley is on the right with her son.

Also, when we were at the Ryan model filling out some paperwork, my husband ran into one of his friends.  We found out he is building in the same plan.  In fact, he bumped us from our first lot because we were on contingency. LOL!  He will be two doors down from Kelley's  family.  We are looking forward to our new neighborhood and lots of get togethers with our friends.


  1. Love the pic :) I am so glad we're gonna be up!! Its gonna be all about sitting around the fire pit, trick or treating and hangin at the pool (that we're gonna force them to build:)

  2. That's so awesome that you already know people in your new neighborhood and what a great experience to share having your best friend building right down the street. It is one of my biggest concerns with moving since we won't know anyone and our current neighbors are great.